1.Album ------> "Westlife"     

Swear it again

Swear it again (Video Clip)

Swear it again (Video Clip US-version)

If I Let You Go

If I Let You Go(‹bersetzung)

If I Let You Go (Video Clip)

Flying Without Wings

Flying Without Wings(‹bersetzung)

Flying Without Wings (Video Clip)

Fool Again

Fool Again(‹bersetzung)

Fool Again (Video Clip)

No No

I Don't Wanna Fight

Change The World


Seasons In The Sun 

I Need You  

Miss You 

Miss you(‹bersetzung)

More Than Words

Open Your Heart

Try Again

What I Want Is What I've Got

We Are One 

Can't Lose What You Never Had 

2.Album ------> "Coast To Coast"

My Love

My Love(‹bersetzung)

My Love (Video Clip)

What Makes A Man

What Makes A Man (Video Clip)

I Lay My Love On You

I Lay My Love On You(‹bersetzung)

Against All Odds

Against All Odds (Video Clip)

When You're Looking Like That

When You're Looking Like That(UŁbersetzung)

When You're Looking Like That (Video Clip)


Somebody Needs You

Angel's Wings


Puzzle Of My Heart

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True (‹bersetzung)

No Place That Far

You Make Me Feel

Lonlyness Knows Me By Name

Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart(‹bersetzung)

Every Little Thing You Do


Uptowngirl (Video Clip)

3.Album ------> "World Of Our Own"

Queen Of My Heart

Queen Of My Heart (‹bersetzung)

Queen Of My Heart (Video Clip)  

Bop Bop Baby

Bop Bop Baby (‹bersetzung)

Bop Bop Baby (Video Clip)

I Cry

Why Do I Love You

Why Do I Love You(‹bersetzung)

I Wanna Grow Old With You

I Wana Grow Old With You(‹bersetzung)



World Of Our Own

World Of Our Own(‹bersertzung)

World Of Our Own (Video Clip)

To Be Loved

Drive (for all time)

Drive (for all the time ‹bersetzung)

If Your Hearts Not In It

If Your Heart's Not In It(‹bersetzung)

When You Come Around

Don't Say It's Too Late

Don't Say It's Too Late

Don't Let Me Go

Walk Away

Love Crime

Love Crime(‹bersetzung)

Imaginary Diva 


4.Album------> "Greatest Hits":


Unbreakable (Video Clip)

Written In The Stars

How Does It Feel


Love Takes Two

Miss You Nights

Andere Songtexte:

Don't Calm The Storm

Everylasting Love

My Girl

I'll Be There

Tunnel Of Love

Until The End Of Time

Everybody Knows


On The Wings Of Love

Together Girl Forever

You Don't Know

You Don't Know(‹bersetzung)

Bad Girls

Bad Girls(‹bersetzung)

Bad Girls (Audio)












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